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Preschooler - free
Family (max. 2 adults) - $20
Group of 15 or more - $6.00 per person
15 % HST tax included in above prices.

  Who is this Edouard?    His roots
Edouard was born in 1914, son of Emmanuel and Roséline Arsenault of Cap-Egmont where he lived all his life, except for the years he served in the Second World War with the 8th N.B. Princess Louise Hussars in the United Kingdom, the Central Mediterranean area and Continental Europe (1941 - 1946). Fisherman by trade, at first with his father Emmanuel and later on his own, Édouard also worked as a carpenter during the non-fishing seasons most of his life, including boat building and construction work. In 1948, he married Rosina Leclerc of Urbainville, P.E.I. For several years, they resided in the Cap-Egmont lighthouse where Edouard served as the last resident lighthouse keeper. Their two elder children, Yvette and Réjeanne - the present owner of the Bottle Houses, were raised there for a few years until such time as the lighthouse was automated in 1957; the family then moved to the residence presently on the grounds of the Bottle Houses and two sons, Maurice and Pierre, were born shortly afterwards. Edouard's strong Acadian roots also led him to contribute greatly to the development of the Evangeline area, his home community. Even after his retirement, his creative energy and his sense of humour, very much Acadian, were channelled in his architectural project of transforming over 25,000 bottles into the colorful souvenirs he has left for all of us to admire.

Genealogy path of Edouard Arsenault
* Édouard, son of Emmanuel, son of Pierre, son of Joseph, son of Nicolas, son of Firmin, son of Paul, son of Jacques, son of Pierre Arsenault and Marie Guérin.
* His ancestor Pierre Arsenault, forebear of all the Acadian Arsenaults, was born in approximately 1650 in France. His place of birth is unknown. He arrived in Port-Royal in 1671 and worked as a coastal pilot. He married Marguerite Dugas in 1675 and later Marie Guérin; he fathered eight sons and one daughter. He moved to Beaubassin with his family in 1686. The Arsenaults residing in the Evangeline Region are all descendants of four of his sons.     

  History of the Bottle Houses    A tedious task!
Over 25 000 recycled bottles ingeniously cemented together to create the Bottle Houses, a must-see tourist attraction situated in Cap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island, Canada. They were built by the late Édouard T. Arsenault. He gave birth to these houses after having received a postcard of a glass castle from his daughter in 1979, an attraction she had visited on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. That same summer, he started collecting bottles from his community, mostly from a local restaurant, community dance halls, friends, relatives and neighbours.

He spent the winter in the basement of his home, cleaning bottles, removing labels and dreaming of his project. In the spring of 1980, at the age of 66, he began his construction, a mere hobby yet. As his six-gabled structure was taking form, visitors started coming in. Impressed by his work, they encouraged him to continue and to advertise it as a tourist attraction. And so, in 1981, the first Bottle House was open to the public.

From 1980 to the spring of 1984, he cleverly cemented over 25,000 bottles of various shapes, sizes and colours, into three fantasy-like buildings.

The site offers a multitude of angles for the photographer to capture the wonder of what an individual built out of recycled bottles. It is also truly an inspirational spot for anyons who cares for the environment.     

  Highlights of past seasons   
2016 - For the second year in a row, Trip Advisor has awarded us a Certificate of Excellence. Hats off to our exceptional staff who continuously take great pride in their work! 2013 - Great season again! Happy to have "Two Moms and a Car" filming on our site in July. On September 13, CBC French channel aired TocTocToc filmed at the Bottle Houses - great job!

2012 - Great weather in P.E.I. brought an increase in visitation. Splendid blooms in our gardens. Interesting media coverage including Google Street View, Fish TV, CTV News and French shows Toc Toc Toc and C'est ça la vie. Attraction is now equipped with a top of the line electric vehicle charger, free service offered to its visitors.


  Special Visitors   
August 2012, Rusty Plump, son of the builder of The Glass Castle in Duncan, B.C. (attraction unfortunately no longer in existence) visited and met with Réjeanne, owner of The Bottle Houses. He wasn't aware of the existence of P.E.I.'s bottle attraction until he was brought here in August. It was a very special day for both as they reflected on what their fathers had built.

Summer of 2011, the famous Acadian musical group 1755 partied at The Bottle Houses and other Acadian destinations on P.E.I. See video: http://1755.bfomedia.ca/episode6.html


  Motorcoaches    Include other highlights from Evangeline Region
The site is becoming more and more popular for groups travelling by motorcoach. The owner Rejeanne Arsenault offers on board personal greetings to groups, telling the story of her father's project. Three quarters of an hour is recommended for groups to visit. Please allow approximately 45 minutes to get there from the Confederation Bridge, one hour from Charlottetown and twenty minutes from Summerside.

In order to better accommodate touring groups, several tourism partners in the Evangeline Region work together to offer an Acadian discovery experience. The visit could start in the morning at the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island in Miscouche where visitors learn about the rich history of the Acadians on P.E.I. The group would then proceed to The Bottle Houses in Cap-Egmont to visit the three bottle houses and wonderful flower gardens and take in some gift buying. For lunch, the group could go to the Centre Expo-Festival in Abram-Village where they can taste some Acadian dishes (other choices also available) and be entertained by local musicians. Another option would be to have lunch at The Centre Goéland, a modern lodge offering catering services in a beautiful natural setting. New for 2010, the Centre Goéland offers an exhibit on the clay-brick making which was used more than a century ago to build structures such as the local church. These two venues can also accommodate groups for an evening meal. The afternoon could be spent visiting the Abram-Village Handcraft Coop which is located right next to the Centre Expo-Festival and which carries a wide assortment of local crafts. The À Point Boutique in Mont-Carmel offers demonstrations of paper-piecing and other small craft projects. The historic Acadian Our Lady of Mont-Carmel Church, a remarkable neo-gothic architectural structure built in 1898 and the bison yarn manufacturing plant Fibre Isle International in Mont-Carmel are also two more interesting stops. It would also be possible to add components to group visits, such as organizing a special evening of music, dining and entertainment. Our area is extremely rich in musical talents and offers several festivals through the summer. We would be happy to discuss any particular wishes your group may have. Our area would be pleased to share our culture and pride with your visitors. The Bottle Houses would be honoured to be included in your itinerary to P.E.I. Feel free to contact me at The Bottle Houses if I can be of any assistance in developing your tour (toll free 1-866-671-2987 or by e-mail maisonsbouteille@estlink.ca).     

  A second time around   
Unfortunately, Prince Edward Island winters are not very gentle. The railway ties used as foundations by Édouard did not withstand the effects of the bad winter frosts. Over the years, the buildings deteriorated to the point that they had to be re-built from 1992 to 1998. To accomplish this task, the original buildings were photographed in all angles, carefully measured and then brought down by hand, recuperating the glass bottles from the mortar. Four foot foundations were then laid before local bricklayers carefully re-constructed the buildings, using the same bottles as in the original structures and following the same basic designs. The roof and the central cylinder of the second building are the only components that were maintained in their original form.


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